Detective Division

Commanding Officers

Lieutenant Joseph Burns - Investigations
Personnel: 13 Detectives, including 2 CSU, and 3 Police Officers


The Detective Division serves investigative functions for the department. Members assigned to this function have been promoted from the Patrol Division, work in plainclothes and perform the following functions:

  • Conduct follow-up felony investigations initiated by the Patrol Division, as well as certain misdemeanors as deemed appropriate.
  • Assist in primary investigations when requested.
  • Clear crimes through arrest and recovery of stolen property, executes search warrants and apprehends fugitives.
  • Act as a liaison with representatives from federal, state, county and other municipal agencies, and exchanges information concerning known criminals and criminal activity.
  • Coordinate information with prosecuting agencies during investigations for upcoming court cases.

Detectives received additional training in many specialized areas, including but not limited to:

  • Narcotics Investigation
  • Interview & Interrogation
  • Asset Forfeiture
  • Auto Theft
  • Sexual Assault Investigation
  • Sex Offender Management
  • Crime Scene & Evidence Processing
  • Homicide Investigation
  • Juvenile Law & Procedure
  • Arson Investigation
  • Firearms & Ballistics
  • Gang Intelligence & Investigation brochure (pdf)
  • Public Information
  • FBI Safe Streets Task Force