Police-Community Relations

Police-Community Relations and Review Board

The Police Community Relations and Review Board is an independent, nonexclusive body to review complaints of misconduct by members of the City of Newburgh Police Department.  The goals of the Board and Chapter 72 of the City Code are to improve communication between the City of Newburgh Police Department and the community, increase police accountability and credibility with the public and to create a fair and impartial complaint process.  In addition, the Board provides a forum for the exchange of ideas between members of the public, through their representatives, and the Police Department. The board is a way to encourage open discussion of crime related, public safety, or other quality of life issues in the City, and a mechanism for the public to request particular services and recommend legislation or other means to deal with their concerns.

Formation of the Board

On July 14, 2014, the City Council adopted an ordinance creating the Police Community Relations and Review Board, consisting of nine members.  Two members are appointed from each of the four wards by the Council member elected from each ward and the Chair is appointed by the City Council.

The members of the Board serve two year terms.  The Board meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm in the third floor Council Chambers of City Hall.

For Citizen Complaint/ Compliment forms, go to Police/Forms

Board Members

Name Title
Corey J. Allen Chairman
Jose Castaneda Member
Lillie Howard Member
Maria Hernandez Member
Setaira Boyd Member
Setaira Boyd
Michael Mannion Member
George Keller Member
Rich Rosencrans Member
Anthony Bruce Member