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New York State Local Government Handbook

Ever wonder why we have Towns, Cities and Villages in New York? Curious about how power is divided among the state, county and local governments? Did you know that New York has its own Freedom of Information Law?

The answers to these and other questions can be found in New York State's Local Government Handbook (6th ed., 2011, 184 pp).

Table of Contents

1 - The Origins of Local Government & The Federal System
2 - The State Government
3 - The Judicial System
4 - Local Government Home Rule Power
5 - County Government
6 - City Government
7 - Town Government
8 - Village government
9 - Special Purpose Units of Government
10 - Citizen Participation & Involvement
11 - Financing Local Government
12 - Administering Local Finances
13 - Personnel Administration
14 - Labor-Management Relations
15 - Public Services
16 - Land Use Planning & Regulation
17 - Public Authorities, Regional Agencies, Intergov'l Cooperation
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You can download a copy of the Local Government Handbook.

More Information

For more information on local government from the NYS Dept of State, visit their website: www.dos.state.ny.us