Emergency Declaration Update - Overnight Shelter & Storm Recovery Efforts

                                     City of Newburgh
Press Release

83 Broadway, Newburgh, N.Y. 12550

(845) 569-7301 – (845) 569-7370


May 16, 2018   4:05 p.m.


Due to the State of Emergency declared in the City of Newburgh, the Red Cross will receiving those in need of shelter tonight at the Newburgh Armory Unity Center at 321 South William Street beginning at 7 p.m.   Overnight shelter will be provided as well as food and water.   

Please be advised that the Declaration of Emergency issued yesterday evening, May 15, 2018 remains in force.    Please refer to the Emergency Order below. 

Central Hudson has reported that the City of Newburgh’s power outage is presently at 81%. 

We are still at the very beginning of the assessment phase of this emergency. 

We are continuing to coordinate with Central Hudson and the Newburgh Fire Department to remove downed power lines requiring immediate attention.   

The Fire Department and the Building Department have begun an expedited assessment of high risk structures requiring immediate attention. 

Please exercise extreme caution as many buildings and trees have been compromised throughout the City and may present a significant risk. 

For emergencies please call 911 or the Fire Department at 845-562-1212.  If you are aware of a potential hazard, please report the situation to the Fire Department at 845-562-1212 or the Building Department at 845-569-7400 in order to get personnel to access the scene.


Please be advised that the Activity Center located at 401 Washington Street has been designated as a power station to charge cell phones at 30 minute intervals. 


Due to the recent storm and ensuing damage to trees and electrical infrastructure, all roads in the City of Newburgh are closed until further notice pursuant to City Code 288 - 3. 

City of Newburgh Police and Fire Departments are authorized to regulate traffic on the roads so as to limit traffic and ensure access for all emergency vehicles and personnel as well as ensure the safety of any remaining vehicles and/or pedestrians that may be on the road.  


Traveling on City streets is restricted until further notice in order for  emergency services to clear the streets of trees, power lines and other obstructions. 


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