Newburgh Landing

Newburgh Landing is a pier on City property offering access to the Hudson River for boats.  It has been closed since 2014 due to damage from winter ice flows, however plans are underway to reconstruct the pier for the enjoyment and use of the City and the region.  A timeline for this reconstruction can be found below.


  • January- City Engineer officially closed the dock due to significant structural deficiencies associated with wood deterioration and recent collapses.
  •  April -Temporary repair proposal associated with surface inspection, Estimate - $33,250.00.  Proposal was insufficient and did not take into account costs associated with design and/or permitting, amongst other things. Subsurface inspection was not clear.

  • May-Structural Inspection & Assessment from McLaren Engineering Group, $21,470.20, funded through a NYSDOS grant, Newburgh Waterfront Public Access Improvements. Rehabilitation Cost Estimate $1,165,000.00.  Replacement Cost Estimate $1,650,000.00.

  • Fall-  Edward M. Weinstein Architecture and Planning, PC, retained to undertake Design Development with a preferred design alternative], $48,864.35, funded through a NYSDOS grant, Newburgh Waterfront Public Access Improvements.  This included a bathymetric survey, investigate the needs of commercial cruise lines, multiple presentations at City Council meetings and another public outreach in order to seek input on what the City would like to be include with the new Landing Dock and present three (3) concept drawings in order to focus the preferred Design Alternative. Additionally, a draft RFP for Final Design and Engineering was prepared. This could be distributed immediately once funding is identified.



  • Fall- Edward M. Weinstein Architecture and Planning, PC present preferred design alternative.  Preferred Alternative Cost Estimate is $2,983,750.00 and no funding has been identified or spent on this.  New dock would include areas for congregating/ performances, small vessel docking, river cruise boats, tall ships, and the potential to dock the Newburgh-Beacon Ferry. 

Information on general Waterfront Development and Planning can be found on the Waterfront Planning page.