BACKGROUND: First City of Newburgh Districting Commission Appointed

The City Council appointed five members to the Districting Commission which will be responsible for re-configuring the City into four wards in accordance with the City Charter amendments approved by the voters in the November 2011 election.

The original Commission members were Janet Gianopoulos, Chris Knasiak, Tamie Hollins, Jason Nordlund, and Arreda Cotten. The final Districting Commission members were: co-chairs: Chris Knasiak and Jason Nordlund; Nora Cofresi, Arreda Cotten, Janet Gianopoulos, Thomas Murphy, and Rev. Steve Ruelke.

A new Districting Commission will be appointed every ten years following the Census to evaluate existing wards and redistrict them as necessary so that they are in compliance with federal and state law.

After the 2013 election, the Council will have seven members. Subsequent Districting Commissions will be appointed by seven-member Councils, with each Council person making one appointment.