Site Plan Reviews

City Code §300-87 (B) (5): To assist in the evaluation, the City Planning Board shall refer all applications for site plan approval within the Waterfront Gateway (WG) and Planned Waterfront District (PWD) Zoning Districts to the Conservation Advisory Council (CAC). Such referral shall be done so as to allow the CAC at least 30 days, but no more than 30 days after the next scheduled regular meeting to review and return comments.

DatedLocationIndexPDF File
04/18/18136 Lake Street2017-05Link to file
03/26/2018Clearwater's NOAA Environmental Literacy Grant"N/A"Link to file
02/05/185 Scobie Drive"N/A"Link to file
12/171727 S. Water Street2017-28Link to file
10/27/17Sunset Ridge2017-18Link to file
9/19/17603 Broadway2017-23Link to file
6/20/17640 Broadway2017-14Link to file
5/27/1735-37 Broad Street2017-10Link to file
4/07/1798 Grand Street2017-06Link to file
4/01/1773-85 Grand Street2017-02Link to file
3/20/17123 Montgomery StreetZ2017-02Link to file
3/20/17100 Third Street2017-03Link to file
3/20/171 Park Place2017-04Link to file
1/13/17182 Fullerton Avenue2016-07Link to file
10/13/16401 South Water Street2016-12Link to file
6/20/16Mid-Broadway Site2016-02Link to file