Citizens Advisory

Citizens Advisory Committee

At the March 26, 2009 Citizen Advisory Committee meeting at the City Activity Center, Deputy Mayor Regina Angelo and the Committee celebrated the 300th anniversary of the arrival of the first settlers to what would become the City of Newburgh.

The Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) is composed of citizens from the several wards and districts of the City of Newburgh whose duty is to bring to the Council's attention matters relating to quality of life issues in their neighborhoods, preservation of the Historic District or any other suggestions relating to the city and its government.

In addition to acting as a conduit for residents to bring their concerns and suggestions to City officials, the recently approved City Charter revisions now require the CAC to develop a pool of individuals to serve on a districting commission which will reconfigure the City to four wards. This process will be repeated every 10 years after the Census.

To see which ward you live in, consult the Election Map (pdf)

*Members serve on a volunteer basis.