Charter Review Commission 2006-2007

Charter Review Commission 2006-2007

At a City Council meeting June 7, 2007, the Charter Review Commission presented a proposal to Council for a public referendum which would redistrict the city into 8 wards (from 9) with a council member elected to represent each ward. This would mean the Council would be increased from 4 members to 8. The Mayor would continue to be elected at large.


Charter Review Commission Report of June 7, 2007

Map of Existing Ward Districts

Map of Proposed Ward & Election Districts

The proposal stimulated considerable public discussion but no general consensus. A public hearing was held July 16, 2007, and on Aug. 20, 2007 a resolution for a Local Law regarding placing the referendum on the ballot in the Nov.6, 2007 General Election was brought to Council. The resolution to place the referendum on the ballot was defeated 4-1.

In December of 2010, Mayor Nicholas Valentine issued a call for volunteers to serve on a 2011 Charter Review Commission. Eleven members and one alternate were appointed. (A webpage is in the process of being created for this new Commission.)

The 2006-07 Charter Review Commission included the following volunteer members:

  • Patrick Berardinelli Sr

  • Michael Curry

  • Jorge Fleytas

  • Brigidanne Flynn

  • Judy Johnson

  • Sandy Medina-Holub

  • Keith Nieto

  • Charles Woodard

  • Aquanetta Wright