Charter & Code

Newburgh City Charter and Code

"The city shall have power to regulate, manage and control its property and local affairs and shall have the rights, privileges and jurisdiction necessary for carrying such power into execution."
— City Charter

The City of Newburgh has had a City Manager form of government since the early 20th century. Among the key provisions:

  • The Mayor and six City Council members are elected to four-year terms.
  • The City Judge is elected for a ten-year term.
  • The City Manager and City Clerk serve at the pleasure of the City Council.

You can read the text of the City Charter or search for topics in the Municipal Code at this website: Code of the City of Newburgh (Enter a search word and click Search)

Charter Review

The Charter was reviewed by a Charter Review Commission during 2006-07, concluding with a report and recommendations but without resulting in legislative action.

In 2011, Mayor Nicholas Valentine appointed the 2011 Charter Review Commision to review and determine whether revisions should be made to the City Charter, and to explore possible consolidation of City services to enhance efficiency and reduce costs.

On Tuesday, November 8, 2011 voters approved the proposed changes to the City of Newburgh Charter that will change the composition of the City Council from five members to seven, and re-configure the City into four wards. With this action, the City of Newburgh Charter Review Commission ceased to exist. For more information on the Districting Commission that reconfigured the City, click