Garbage Disposal Considerations during the Holiday Season

Property owners, managers and tenants should have a plan to address an increase in household garbage generation during the holiday season.  This plan should begin with ensuring that every building has the correct number of garbage containers.

When making a purchase of a large household item such as a TV, it is important to make considerations for the proper disposal of the replaced item.  Some electronics retailers will accept an old TV with the purchase of a new one.  The Dept of Public Works will collect unwanted TVs for a fee of 20 to 30 dollars, depending on size, if arrangements are made in advance.  Arrangements can be made by calling the Department of Public Works at 565-3297.  TVs can also be taken directly to the Orange County Transfer station at no charge for the first electronic and 5 dollars for each additional.  Details can be found at

 The Dept of Building/Code Enforcement is taking aggressive enforcement actions for violations of sanitation regulations. The department has also implemented practices designed to trace unlawfully disposed of items to the property of origin.  Don’t wait to be notified by the city that your property is in violation, and plan ahead to avoid potentially costly enforcement actions.