Tax Exemptions

Star Program Changes 2019

STAR Frequently Asked Questions

Basic STAR Application & Instructions (7/19)
RP-425B (pdf)

Enhanced Star Application & Instructions (7/19)
RP-425E (pdf)

Enhanced STAR Renewal Application & Instruction for STAR Exemption (7/18) 
RP-425RNW (pdf)

Request For Mailing Of Notice To A Third Party Regarding Enhanced STAR Exemption
RP-425TPN (pdf)

Enhanced STAR Exemption Mandatory Income Verification Program (7/19)
RP-425IVP (pdf)

Income Worksheet for STAR Purposes (1/19)
RP-425 Worksheet (pdf)

Partial Tax Exemption for Senior Citizens and Enhanced School Tax Relief (STAR) Exemption (Income limits apply)
RP-467 Instructions (pdf) (9/19)
RP-467 Form (pdf) (9/19)
RP-467RNW (pdf) (renewal) (9/19)

Alternative Veterans Exemption
RP-458-a Instructions (pdf)
RP-458-a Form (pdf)

Cold War Veterans' Exemption
RP-458-b Instructions (pdf)
RP-458-b Form (pdf)

Clergy Exemption
RP-460 Form (pdf)

Historic Real Property Alteration or Rehabilitation Exemption
RP-444a Instruction & Form (pdf)

Residential-Commercial Urban Exemption Program Application Form
RP-485a Instructions (pdf)
RP-485a Form (pdf)

Commercial, Businees or Industrial Tax Exemption
RP-485b Instructions (pdf)
RP-485b Form (pdf)

1 & 2 Family Residences Home Improvements- 421f
Application Form RP-421-f
Instructions for Application Form RP-421-f

Capital Improvements to Multiple Dwellings
RP-421-k Instructions (pdf) 
RP-421-k Application Form (pdf)

First Time Home Buyer Exemption
RP-457 Instructions (pdf)
RP-457 Form (pdf)

Partial Tax Exemption for Real Property of Persons with Disabilities and Limited Incomes
RP-459-c Instructions (pdf)
RP-459-c Form (pdf)

East End Historic District Evaluation Inventory (April 1978)
Color codes and photos (pdf, 18MB)

Full List of Exemptions by Subject (NOTE: the following list contains exemptions available for the entire state, therefore most exemptions below do not apply to City of Newburgh)


Exemption Impact Report 2016 Budget Year