What is GIS?

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is an assembly of computer hardware, software and geographic data for capturing, managing, displaying and querying various forms of spatial referenced information. In GIS all information has a geographical or spatial component. GIS is often used as an analysis tool to combine mapping with multiple databases, which in turn allow people to make educated, precise and efficient decisions.

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1. What is GIS?
2. What is the purpose of GIS?
3. Where does the information come from?
4. What is Map Scale?
5. What is a Projection?
6. What is an Orthoimage?
7. What is an Attribute Table?
8. What are some of the common data formats?
9. What is Vector Data?
10. What is Raster Data?
11. What is a Mapsheet?
12. What is a GPS?
13. What is Metadata?