Examination Process

Certain Employment Opportunities with the City of Newburgh require examination. Because exams are held periodically on an as needed basis, candidates may be hired with a provisional status pending examination. Candidates hired directly from an eligible list will be hired with a permanent probationary status.

City Examination Announcements

Examination announcements provide important information about each examination including the job title(s), date of the examination, location, duties, salary, the subject of the examination, deadline to apply, and fee information. When you are interested in taking an examination, first review the announcement to determine if you are eligible. Examinations are held periodically as needed. There are minimum qualifications for all examinations which you must meet in order to participate in the examination.

Experience in a particular field of work may be required for some jobs. Other jobs also will require a demonstration of proficiency at certain skills, such as typing or fluency in a second language, or require a physical examination. Read each examination announcement carefully. You must meet the qualifications in order to take the examination.

Applying for an Examination 

You can apply on-line or download the announcement and appropriate application. Your application will be reviewed to ensure that you meet the minimum qualifications listed on the examination announcement.  After you apply, you will receive a notification indicating whether you are approved to take the examination, and/or an admission notice.

After Taking an Examination

After taking an examination, you will be notified in writing of your official score, usually within 90 - 120 days of the examination date. Eligible lists are established by the Civil Service Commission for a period of 1 but no more than 4 years and remain valid until a new list is established.

Civil Service Exam & Vacancy Announcements Notifications 

To be notified when new Civil Service Exams or job vacancy announcements are posted, visit the City's E-Alerts page. Enter your email address, select the box next to Civil Service in the News and Announcements section, and select Subscribe Me. All future announcements will be sent directly to your inbox. You can opt-out at any time (see instructions on the E-Alerts on how to unsubscribe)