Frequently Asked Questions

1.  If I have a leak on the water service line feeding my building, what do I do?

 The water service line that connects a customer’s property to the City’s water main in the street, is the owner’s responsibility.  In the City of Newburgh, the property owner owns the entire water service located on both the private property and within the road right-of-way.  If you have a leak on a water service or feel that you need to replace your water service for some other reason, contact a City of Newburgh licensed plumber to perform the work.  It is the property owner’s responsibility to ensure that a proper building permit is obtained for repair or replacement of a water service.  If a water service is made of lead or galvanized steel, then the existing water service cannot be repaired and must be replaced.  Plastic, PVC, PEX or other materials are not permitted to be used for water services in the City.  Only Type-K copper with flare connections can be used.  


2.  Who’s responsible for the safe keeping and maintenance of the water meter?

Water meters are the property of the Water Department.  The water meters are supplied by the Water Department for a fee charged according to the water meter size. The property owner is responsible for maintaining the water meter and any reading devices attached to them.  At the time of installation, a water meter is sealed to ensure proper calibration and operation.  This seal must not be broken.  The meter also must be insulated so that it does not freeze or break, and it must be secured so that it is not stolen.  The property owner will be charged a fee for any damages to, or loss of, the meter and reading devices. 


3.  How does the City read my water meter?

 The Water Department reads water meters four times a year.  Meters are read several different ways.  We are in the process of installing smart meters throughout the city which are read remotely by a radio device or MXU unit.  The newer style MXU units are attached directly to the meter inside the house, so they are less vulnerable to weather, damage and vandalism.   The MXU units also allow our meter readers to read faster and more accurately.


4.  Is there a charge for the water meter?

 The City of Newburgh is standardized on Sensus meters and the corresponding charge for a meter is based upon the size of the meter.  New installations or damaged meters are installed by a plumber licensed by the City of Newburgh at the property owner’s expense.  Owners are responsible for maintaining their individual water meters.