Police Commissioner

José A. Gomérez was appointed as the first Police Commissioner in the City of Newburgh since 1982, marking a momentous milestone as the first Hispanic Police Commissioner in the State of New York. Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, and as a young adult immigrated to the United States.

Commissioner Gomérez's unwavering commitment to public service took root in 1997 when he commenced his career as a Police Cadet with the New York City Police Department. Over the course of his extensive tenure, he served as a diligent patrolman, vigilantly safeguarding the streets of Harlem. His exceptional service with the NYPD culminated in an assignment to the Training Bureau at the esteemed New York Police Academy.

Leveraging his remarkable over 25 years of policing experience and his astute comprehension of the broader social context, Commissioner Gomérez possesses an acute understanding of the profound significance in nurturing a virtuous and interactive relationship between the Police Department and the community it serves. He remains steadfast in his commitment to enhance police-community relations, elevate public safety measures, and drive transformative change by implementing a community policing philosophy firmly rooted in best practices and evidence-based approaches within the Police Department. Commissioner Gomérez's ultimate aim is to cultivate a stronger, more harmonious bond between law enforcement and the community, thereby fostering a safer and more prosperous environment for all.

Commissioner Gomérez holds a bachelor's degree from the City College of the City University of New York. Moreover, he has earned a certificate of recognition and achievement for his advanced studies in Evidence-Based Policing from George Mason University.