Vacant & Abandoned Buildings

The City of Newburgh has several hundred vacant and abandoned properties. These properties become vacant and abandoned for a variety of reasons and it becomes the City's role to work to get them back into proper repair and use. It is important to note that most vacant properties ARE NOT owned by the City and the City's role is to make sure owners keep their buildings properly maintained so that they do not create a blighting influence on their neighbors or the City.

If you would like to report a property vacant or report that a property needs repair or maintenance, please call the City Office of Code Compliance at 845-569-7400.

Distressed Property Task Force

Newburgh created its Distressed Property Task Force to develop a step-by-step process for implementing the City's Vacant Property Revitalization Program, which targets specific areas of vacant and abandoned parcels for reuse or redevelopment through improved code enforcement, creation of the Newburgh Community Land Bank, and a streamlined project review and approval process. Established by Resolution 47-2011 and Resolution 54-2015 (PDF), the Task Force joins City officials and staff across several municipal departments with interested businesses, non-profits, and institutions in a forum where they can pool resources, share expertise, and establish collaborative approaches to achieve results that avoid duplicative efforts.

Newburgh Community Land Bank (NCLB)

The Newburgh Community Land Bank's mission is to improve the quality of life in Newburgh by stabilizing and revitalizing abandoned properties. We believe we have a unique role in community revitalization. Our goal is to eliminate barriers to redevelopment, and that goes beyond property renovation and sale alone. We work on making the community, its process and quirks more navigable and accessible, and aim to improve the overall physical experience of residents and visitors beyond just our property inventory. Capacity, nimbleness, and a focused but broad mission make NCLB well-positioned to lead and support community development in Newburgh.

City-Owned Properties

There are a number of properties that the City of Newburgh obtains throughout the year, mostly vacant and abandoned residential properties, which may be available for purchase. City-owned properties are generally acquired through tax foreclosure.