Freedom of Information Law Requests

New York's Freedom of Information Law declares: The people's right to know the process of governmental decision-making and to review the documents and statistics leading to determinations is basic to our society... The legislature, therefore, declares... that the public...should have access to the records of government.

To make a Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) request for information from any part of the city government, you must fill out an application at the City Clerk's office, which will process the request and forward it to the appropriate department.


To make a FOIL request, fill out one of the following forms and submit it to the City Clerk's office:


8½ by 11 inches, 8½ by 14 inches, or 11 by 17 inches at $0.25 each. Larger format at cost at local copy firms

Police Records

For police records, please contact Brenda Robinson from the Police Department Records Unit at 845-569-7538. Visit the Police Department's Records/Reports webpage to learn more.