City Council

The Council is established in Article IV of the City Charter as the City’s lawmaking body and consists of seven elected part-time members: a ceremonial mayor who presides over the council meetings; two at-large members; and one representative from each of the City’s four wards. All members serve four-year terms. The Council may appoint a President Pro Tem, who in the mayor’s absence shall assume the powers and duties of the mayor.

The Council approves all local laws and adopts ordinances in furtherance of the City’s municipal powers and responsibilities. The Council is responsible for adopting the City’s annual budget, which serves as a statement of priorities for the year; the Council is empowered to levy real property taxes and issue all indebtedness in furtherance of those priorities.  The Council appoints a professional Chief Executive Officer (City Manager) to administer all of City government; the City Clerk; and such Deputy City Clerks as may be necessary.

The current Mayor is Torrance Harvey. The current President Pro Tem is Ramona Monteverde.



Torrance Harvey
Mayor Harvey


Giselle Martinez: Ward 1 
Councilmember, Giselle Martinez

Council Member

Ramona Monteverde: Ward 2 
Ramona Monteverde - Councilmember Ward 2

Council Member

Robert Sklarz: Ward 3 
Councilmember, Robert Sklarz

Council Member

Patty Sofokles: Ward 4 
Councilmember Patty Sofokles

Council Member

Robert McLymore, Sr.: At-large


Council Member

Omari Shakur: At-large 
Omari Shakur - Councilmember

Council Member