Important Update: ZBA will now meet at the Activity Center, 401 Washington Street until further notice!

Zoning Board of Appeals

The Zoning Board of Appeals enforces the zoning laws of the City of Newburgh and hears applications for variances to those laws.

An applicant for a variance must demonstrate that a substantial and unique hardship would be created by the strict interpretation of the zoning law, and this hardship can be corrected by a slight variation in the regulations without causing undue hardship to others or to the City as a whole.


Zoning Ordinances

For more information, see Section 300 in the City Code. If you have questions, contact the Code Compliance department or the City Planner.

As of Septmeber 1, 2015, a new zoning code is in effect, as reflected in the current zoning map.

Members: 7
Term: 7 Years

Board Members

Name Title
Joanne Lugo Chair
Barbara Smith Member
David Schwartz Member
Corey J. Allen
Michael Papaleo Member
Lashawn Jasper Member
Gary Campbell Member

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Omar E. Balbuena-Palma (845) 569-7380
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