Garbage Rules

Garbage Rules

Newburgh's new garbage rules aim to make our streets and sidewalks cleaner, boost our rate of recycling, save taxpayer dollars, restore civic pride, and bring us closer to becoming a "green" city. Here are the basics:

Covered Cans, Clear Bags

  • Garbage must be placed into clear plastic bags, and the bags must be placed inside metal or plastic containers with lids.
  • Containers may hold a maximum of 32 gallons and may weigh a maximum of 50 pounds.
  • Containers must be labeled with your street address.

Setting Out And Returning Containers

  • Containers must be set out only after 5:00 pm the day before collection.
  • Containers and uncollected materials must be returned to the rear of the property (or covered storage area) no later than 6:00 pm on the day of collection.

Number of Containers is Limited

  • 3 cans for a single-family residence
  • 5 cans for a 2- or 3-family residence
  • 6 cans for commercial properties or residences with 4 or more apartments

No Building Materials

The City does not collect building materials (lumber, brick, glass, cement block, construction debris, roofing material, etc). The property owner is responsible for disposing of these materials.

Clean Streets

Littering, dumping trash on other people's property, and sweeping trash onto streets and sidewalks in not allowed.  Pet owners must clean up after their pets.


A new team of sanitation code enforcement officers will help you to comply with the regulations. If necessary, however, they may issue tickets and order cleanups. Persistent violators will be fined and may face jail time.