Dumpster Regulations

Guidelines For Dumpster Permit

  • A dumpster permit is required for all dumpsters placed either on private property or on city property within the City of Newburgh.
  • If you will be placing a dumpster on the street abutting the sidewalk, you must bring the following to the Department of Public Works office on 123 Grand Street (8am - 3pm):

a) A Certificate of Liability must be obtained by the property owner's insurance agency.

b) The City of Newburgh MUST be named as an "additional insured" party.

  • If you are placing the dumpster on the owner's property, the certificate of liability is not required.
  • The cost for a dumpster permit is $35.00 per week.
  • Current form of payment needs to be cash or check only.

To receive a permit, download this form, fill it out, and apply in person at the Department of Public Works, 123 Grand Street, between 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM.