The City of Newburgh Police Department is a modern-day, technically trained unit of 75 sworn officers and 11 non-sworn staff. All officers have passed civil service exams, rigorous training and physical fitness requirements before even reaching a patrol car for duty. After academy training and field training, all officers receive monthly in-service training to keep them informed of legal changes, technology updates and other critical training to assist them in better serving the City of Newburgh community.

In 2012, officers handled 31,400 calls for service. This is the equivalent of more than one call for service for every resident of the city. Officers additionally generated over 4291 incident reports in that time. This resulted in 2,878 arrests. The Department investigated 5 Homicides, 19 Rapes, 214 Robberies, 306 Aggravated Assaults, 341 Burglaries, 814 Larcenies and 62 Auto Thefts.   In 2012 1,761 total part one crimes were reported.

The City of Newburgh has historically been known as hotbed for Violent Crime; however, modern technology combined with old fashion police work keeps investigators and officers on top of the criminal element. Budget constraints and continued reductions in manpower have forced the City of Newburgh Police Department to do more with less. This includes the use of crime analysis to isolate crime patterns and target resources, as well as forging and sustaining critical partnerships with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.

The City of Newburgh Police Department works regularly with our neighbors at the Town of Newburgh Police Department and the New Windsor Police Department, along with the Orange County Sheriffs Office and the New York State Police. The City of Newburgh Police Department has also works joint investigations with federal agencies like the Federal Bureau of Investigations and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. So the raw crime numbers posted above do not reflect nearly all the effort, focus and time put into every call, every incident and every crime. Technology, professionalism and the hard work of many dedicated and talented men and women are integral parts of the daily operations of the City of Newburgh Police Department. While it might be a constant uphill battle, it is one that this Department accepts full heartedly every day.

The City of Newburgh Police Department maintains several divisions including: Patrol, Investigative Services, Narcotics, Professional Standards, Crime Analysis, Field Intelligence, School Resource, Crime Scene Unit, Anti Crime / Neighborhood Stabilization Team, Court Operations, Information Services, SWAT, SCUBA/Marine, Motorcycle Unit, Bicycle Unit and Animal Control. While this seems like an extensive list of units, only a few units function full time. Other units, like SWAT or Scuba, are comprised of officers from other units who train together and are activated when necessary. Additionally, some units, like Crime Analysis and Field Intelligence, exist purely from the assistance of outside grant funding.

Michael D. Ferrara

Police Chief

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Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Daniel Cameron Acting Chief of Police (845) 561-3131
Peter Leach Administrative Lieutenant (845) 569-7532
Paul Horaz Administrative Sergeant (845) 569-7579
Thomas Murphy Patrol Lieutenant (845) 569-7575
Peter Vancura Detective Lieutenant (845) 569-7530
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