Newburgh Landing

Newburgh Landing is a pier on City property offering access to the Hudson River for tour boats.

Update - October 2007

The shoreline stabilization project is compete with exception of the railing, which will be complete in the near future. The second phase of the project includes the following:

  1. Rehabilitation to the interlocking stone for the assembly area.
  2. Rehabilitation of the terraced structure that that leads to the vegetated area.
  3. Installation and replacement of benches where deemed necessary.
  4. Installation of improved lighting fixtures.

The addition of new landscaping will improve the aesthetics and respond to the changing needs of the public on the waterfront Construction is anticipated to begin in early spring 2008.

Update - June 2007

A contract amendment has been made allowing the City of Newburgh to use the remaining funds from the 1999 grant to repair and replace the bulkhead at Newburgh Landing. The initial construction start date was delayed because Office of Parks and Recreation and Historic Preservation questioned compliance with the MWBE requirements, a few days prior to commencement of the work. That issue has been resolved and the work is ongoing. We had targeted a June 30 completion date, however that may be extended, weather permitting.