Conservation Advisory Council

Arbor Day planting in Downing Park, 2016

The Conservation Advisory Council ("CAC") was enacted by Local Law 1-2013 and took effect on October 1, 2013. The purpose of the CAC is to act as an advocate for all of the City's natural resources, including open spaces, wetlands, drinking water sources, the urban forest, coastal areas and air quality. The former Waterfront Advisory Committee and Shade Tree Commissions are now integrated into the broader CAC. 

• Waterfront Advisory Committee - Chuck Thomas

The City of Newburgh has a Local Waterfront Redevelopment Plan (LWRP) (link) that is required by New York State.  This plan outlines what development can be done on our Waterfront.  The Conservation Advisory Council (CAC) now has advisory responsibility to the City in the formulation of this plan. More...

Parks - Gail Fulton, Karen McCarthy

The Parks Sub-Committee of the CAC (Parks) is specifically focused on Downing Park and neighborhood parks such as the Audrey Carey Park on Liberty Street and the Tyrone Crabb Park on Grand St. For volunteer opportunities, contact Fulton or McCarthy

Urban Forestry -  Kippy Boyle

Newburgh’s Urban Forest is an integral part of the City’s infrastructure, and is often referred to as its “green infrastructure”.  The economic, community health and aesthetic values of the Urban Forest must be protected, just as any other City asset.  Urban Forestry is the care and maintenance of our green assets.  Urban Forestry is everything from basic tree care (Pruning, mulching, watering) to removing diseased/dying trees, to resolving urban conflicts of sidewalks and trees. More...

Open Space/Natural Resources Inventory - Chuck Thomas

Watershed - Chuck Thomas

"Available clean water is everyone’s concern.  For a summary of Natural Areas and Wildlife in our Community by the NY Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), as well as the Water Resource Summery.

Air Quality

Public Information - Deborah Dresser

The CAC will post relevant workshops and events open to the public.  Concerned citizens are welcome to come to the monthly meetings. Volunteer opportunities on Arbor Day in the spring and planting days will be announced.

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